Research Areas

Our laboratory performs theoretical, numerical and experimental research in electromagnetic wave propagation and remote sensing in random and complex media. The following are the research topics of our interest:

  • Remote sensing of the earth, atmosphere, terrain, ocean

Sea ice and snow thickness retrieval in Arctic regions using correlation function in VHF radar (sponsored by JPL)

Ionospheric effects on SAR imaging of the Earth surface (sponsored by JPL)

  • Imaging and detection of objects in complex environments

Imaging of object in cluttered environments in ocean and terrain (sponsored by ONR, NSF)

Imaging and detection of object under obscuring layers (sponsored by ONR)

  • Wave propagation and scattering in random media

Wave propagation and scattering in rough ocean and terrain surface environments (sponsored by ONR)

Wave propagation and imaging through fog and cloud (sponsored by NSF, AFRL)

  • Complex media, Meta materials, photonic crystals

Wave propagation and properties in negative index media (sponsored by NSF)

Metamaterial characterization using split ring resonators (sponsored by NSF)

  • Communications in random environments

Free space optics through adverse weather (sponsored by NSF)

Wireless communication in cluttered environments based on time reversal principle (sponsored by NSF and ONR)

  • Antennas and RF circuit design

Optical control microwave switches (sponsored by NSF)

Steerable array antennas using a movable dielectric phase shifter (sponsored by NSF)

New actuator design (sponsored by NSF)

  • Electromagnetic material characterization


  • Medical imaging