Meta material characterization using split ring resonators

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 This project investigates a method of calculating the elements of the generalized matrix representation of the macroscopic constitutive relations for a three-dimensional (3-D) array of nonmagnetic inclusions with arbitrary shape. The derivation is based on the quasi-static Lorentz theory and the inclusions are represented by electric and magnetic dipole moments. The 6 x 6 constitutive relation matrix is expressed in terms of the interaction matrix and the polarizability matrix, which can be numerically calculated using the sum and the difference of opposing plane wave excitations.  Numerical examples are given for split ring resonators and a chiral medium consisting of an array of helices to illustrate the usefulness of the formula and to verify the consistency constraint and reciprocity relations for a bianisotropic medium.


3-D array of inclusions



Split ring resonator


3-D array of helices




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