Sea ice and snow thickness retrieval using correlation function in VHF radar

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In this project, we develop models for electromagnetic wave propagation through multi-layer sea ice media.  Based on the models, we calculate the angular and frequency correlation function (ACF/FCF) of the backscattered waves at the desired frequencies and angles.  The characteristics of the ACF/FCF are investigated, leading to the retrieval of sea ice thickness and snow-cover characteristics.  We develop a model for VHF which will be used to investigate sea ice and we study a model for higher frequency (C, Ku, K band) that can be applied to snow-cover characteristics.  We also perform proof-of-concept experiment on retrieval of material thickness based on this ACF/FCF method. 


Concept of ACF/FCF VHF sensors                          Multi-layer model



Experimental set up schematic and photo



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