Welcome to Imote2 Sensor Network Testbed Project

This project currently focuses on designing an Imote2 based sensor network to act as a testbed for evaluating multiple localization algorithms, as well as other network security algorithms in the future. It is also intended to be a hands-on learning tool for students learning about wireless sensor networks.

In its current version, the testbed consists of a set of Crossbow Imote2 nodes programmed with a Linux kernel and running localization and routing codes written in C. One node is connected to a PC via USB and acts as a base node for the network. The PC runs a Java-based GUI intended as an interface for a user to read data from the nodes and to issue commands to the network. The user can control and observe the performance of various localization protocols in the network which are run locally in the Linux operating system on each device. We have made the toolkit, consisting of the GUI as well as the operating and localization software for the individual nodes, freely available to download.

This project was completed at NSL under the guidance of Prof. Radha Poovendran. The graduate students working on this project include Jeffrey Vander Stoep, Sidharth Nabar and Tony Wu.


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