The Crossbow Imote2 platform was used for the sensor nodes in this project. A set of Imote2 nodes form the network of interest and a separate node acts as a base node. The base node collects all the data from the network and passes it on to the user interface. It also relays commands from the user to the network.

The routing algorithm has been designed in order to minimize broadcast messages and prevent unnecessary occupation of the wireless medium. All nodes route data only to the base node, and the base node stores a routing table for each node in the network.

The Imote2 nodes are configured with a Linux kernel, which facilitates the addition of localization and other algorithms as plain C source code. The flexibility and robustness offered by the Linux kernel is significantly higher than that offered by TinyOS. However, the event-driven aspects of TinyOS are valuable in several sensor applications.

A detailed discussion of the installation and setup process of the Imote2 nodes is provided in the Downloads section of this website.