In our lab, every summer we host high school students, to work on the research projects. Some of the available projects are:

Spectrum of Different Light Sources

The students will take part in measuring the electromagnetic spectrum of several different light sources. We will build a basic diffraction grating spectrograph and the students will help with determining the correct lens positions. Then we will use this instrument to examine the different optical spectrums of broadband light sources, such as incandescent light bulbs, and narrow line lasers. Not only will this help to show the different spectrums associated with white light but it will also help to demonstrate the narrow spectrum of a laser.

Interferometers and Measuring Vibrations

Additionally, we will also build a simple Mach-Zehnder interferometer. Then, using the interference we can measure the mechanical resonances of various tables and structures. The sensitivity that can come with such a setup is an incredible tool for scientists and is regularly used in many applications need high-sensitivity measurements.

Three-dimensional movie

Students will perform experiments on polarization, and will work to develop three-dimensional display.

To participate in these mini-projects plaease apply via UW-Math Academy, and Early Engineer Institute.

Pictures from 2015 summer: pic_1 pic_2 pic_3 pic_4 pic_5 pic_6 pic_7.