Renewable Energy Analysis Lab - UG Research


Our lab welcomes undergraduate students interested in our line of research. We offer different types of project that we try to tailor to the interests of the students and the skills that they have already acquired or wish to develop.

Individual projects

Students working on an individual project are paired with a graduate student with whom they meet periodically to review progress and discuss how to proceed. These projects can involve the following activities:

  • Literature surveys: identifying scientific papers and other technical publications that are relevant to the graduate student's own research project;

  • Data gathering and preparation: assisting the graduate in collecting data required for testing the analysis and optimization programs that we develop;

  • Software development: develop a piece of software that fits with a larger software package that the graduate student is developing.

Group projects

We also occasionally support groups of undergraduate students who wish to carry out a group project. These projects typically aim to design a device or system.


Send an email to Prof. Daniel Kirschen ( to schedule an appointment and explore whether there is a good match between your interests and ours.

Examples of projects

System Design of a Solar Powered Water Pump in Haiti

Energy Savings Butler

Interfacing Matlab with GAMS and Powerworld

Excel-Powerworld Interface

Research on batteries used in large scale power dispatch