Renewable Energy Analysis Lab - Talks



  • Prof. Kirschen discusses rebuilding Puerto Rico's power grid using solar energy.
  • Prof. Kirschen describes research on using batteries to address the challenges of incorporating renewable energy into the grid.
  • Prof. Kirschen seminar in University of Utah on Flexibility in Power Systems
  • CEF Transactive Campus Innovation in Pacific Northwest

  • CEF Energy Storage Impact in Pacific Northwest


Prof. Kirschen discusses various topics in the book "Fundamentals of Power System Economics".

  • Introduction
  • Organization of the Electricity Supply Industry
  • Introduction to Optimization (a)
  • Introduction to Optimization (b)
  • Local and Global Optima
  • Non Linear Programming
  • Linear Programming
  • Unit Commitment
  • Introduction to Mixed Integer Linear Programming
  • Optimal Power Flow
  • Fundamentals of Markets
  • Risks, Markets and Contracts
  • Organization of Electricity Markets
  • Participating in Electricity Markets
  • Operational Reliability and Ancillary Services
  • Effects of the Transmission Network on Electricity Markets


  • Control Room in Washington Clean Energy Testbeds