Title Information Access and Use (IS33)
Description and Details Purpose
Queensland Government’s information is a key resource held in trust by the Queensland Government on behalf of all Queensland communities.
The recent Right to Information Act 2009 (the RTI Act) establishes a shift to a “push” model for the release of information to achieve open and accountable government while embedding a right to information in the administrative practices and organisational culture of the public service. The Information Privacy Act 2009 (the IP Act) ensures the necessary protections for an individual’s personal information.
The purpose of this policy is to ensure that citizens and those doing business in Queensland have open access to and are able to use Queensland Government information. Queensland Government agencies will also provide their information free of charge to the maximum extent possible or, if there is a charge, agencies must price their information transparently and consistently.

When providing access to and use of Queensland Government information agencies must ensure:
information is provided to the public to the maximum extent possible
information is exchanged between Queensland Government agencies and other governments
information is provided to the maximum extent possible free of charge
information is provided with transparent conditions for use.
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