Research Centers

Research Centers In Information Security
# Research Center Name Country
Internet, Computer And System Security
1 Standford Security Laboratory USA
2 Center for Secure Information Systems USA
3 the center for education and research in information assurance and security USA
4 center for advanced Research in Information Security
5 Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC) USA
6 Information Assurance Institute (IAI) USA
7 Center for Information and Computation Security (CICS) USA
8 The Mississippi State university center for computer security research USA
9 Networking & Security Research Center (NSRC), Pennsylvania State University USA
10 Cyber Information Assurance and Decision Support (CIADS), Signal & Information Sciences Lab USA
11 Computer Security Lab USA
12 Security Technology Research Group (STRG) USA
13 Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research (CACR) USA
14 institute for information Security USA
15 Center for information security research and education USA
16 the DePaul Information Assurance Center USA
17 Information Assurance Program (IAP) USA
18 Center for Network and Information Security USA
19 Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security USA
20 Center for information Assurance & Cybersecurity
21 Center for Information and Computer Security (CICS) USA
22 Center for Information Security & Assurance USA
23 Center for information assurance Engineering (CIAE) USA
24 Information Assurance Center USA
25 Center for Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education USA
26 Center for Computer Security Research (CCSR) USA
27 Center for Cyber Security Research USA
28 Information Systems and Internet Security (ISIS) Laboratory USA
29 network security laboratory
30 information security group UK
31 security group, computer Laboratory UK
32 information security research group UK
33 information systems integrity group UK
34 information security institute Australia
35 netwrork security labs Australia
36 information and networked systems security research Australia
37 Research center for information security Japan
38 Information Technology Promotion Agency Japan
39 internet security and PKI application centre hong kong
40 state key laboratory of information security China
41 network research centre of Tsinghua university China
42 Deptt of CS&E China
43 Microsoft Research Labs (MSRA) China
44 key lab of information security China
45 university of electronic science & Technology of China China
46 sichuan university, dept. of CS China
47 institute for information Security and privacy China
48 Guangdong key laboratory of information security technology China
49 information security research (iSECURES) Lab Malaysia
50 information security research group Singapore
51 international research center for information security South Korea
52 mobile network security technolgoy research center South Korea
53 information security lab South Korea
54 information secuirty and privacy laboratory South Korea
Corporate Research Centres
55 Fujitsu laboratories Japan
56 security research group USA
57 information security division, Computer Security Resourch Centre USA
58 Cryptography Research Group USA
59 Cryptology and Information Security laboratory South Korea
60 List of Korean Cryptographers
61 Centre for Cryptography and Information Security (CCIS) Malaysia
62 Cryptography and Security Department Singapore
63 laboratory of Cryptography and Information Security Japan
64 center for information security and Cryptography Hong Kong
65 centre for applied cryptographic research
66 Center for Cryptology and Information Security USA
67 internet security, applications, authentication and cryptography USA
Computer Forensics
68 The electronic Evidence Information Centre
69 Computer Forensics Research
70 Computer Forensics Info
71 computer crime research center Ukraine
72 A program of the University of Central Florida USA
73 Computer Forensics, Cyber Crime and Steganography
74 FBI Silocon Valley Computer Forensic Laboratory
75 The International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners

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