Description and Details COBIT Online brings COBIT 4.1, the preferred framework for IT Governance, to the real-time functionality of the web. With fully interactive features like MyCOBIT and Benchmarking, COBIT Online provides easy and rapid access to all of the Control Objectives for Information and related Technology resources. As an ISACA member or not, you can benefit from accessing the very latest COBIT materials online at anytime.

Features of COBIT Online
Construct customized guidance results and view online or download as a MyCOBIT document
Access the ever-expanding knowledge base of COBIT
Search COBIT’s best practices
Perform Benchmarking online
Access discussion forums
MyCOBIT through COBIT Online
FULL Subscription Required
MyCOBIT allows you to construct and download a personalized version of COBIT tailored to your enterprise’s special circumstances. Select components such as Framework, Control Objectives, Inputs/Outputs, RACI Charts, Goals and Metrics, Maturity Models, Control Practices, Assurance Steps and filter them based on several search criteria. Then review your customized MyCOBIT content offline in MS Word or Access.

Benchmarking through COBIT Online
FULL Subscription Required
Benchmarking through COBIT Online allows you to evaluate and input your enterprise's scores including process maturity levels, process importance, control objective importance, metric usage, and control practice usage, then extract comparisons with other users.
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