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Engineering Education Research

Research in Engineering Education

The success of any instructional style in promoting meaningful learning, whether novel or traditional, active or passive, is critically dependent on the engagement of students in the course of instruction. Improving engagement, whether explicitly or implicitly, is a central goal of effective pedagogy. Connections to community, including a sense of belonging as well as support from faculty, peers, and others in higher education settings are major contributors to engagement. Within these pages are a wide range of resources and instruments intended to support understanding and conducting research in these important areas of education, with particular attention to how these factors influence students in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields.

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Wilson, D., Wright, J., Summers, L. (2020). Mapping Teacher Engagement Strategies to Patterns of Student Engagement using Cluster Analysis. International Journal of STEM Education, in review. Survey data is available here in MS Excel format. Classroom observation data is available upon request.