LDMOSFET for Smart Power IC Design

Model Description This lumped-charge LDMOS model provides a physically-based compact model for LDMOS IC design. It is designed to replace other models (like the modified BSIM3) not specifically designed for the LDMOS structure. The model includes moderate inversion and effects of high field on carrier mobility.
Model Parameters The model contains 38 parameters. Please see the model source code for the list of parameters. 
Performance Level: ACCURATE
Quality Classification: 2B
This model has been extensively used. 

As in most compact models for IC design, parameter extraction is based on process and structure information

Original Support for Model Development CDADIC, 1996-98
Documentation This LDMOS model is described in the MSEE Thesis of Yeshwant Subramanian at the University of Washington, "Development of Compact Vertical and Lateral DMOS Models", August 1998. 

Simulation data is also given in Yeshwant Subramanian, P. O. Lauritzen, K.R. Green, "Two Lumped-Charge Based Power MOSFET Models", Proc. of IEEE Workshop on Computers in Power Electronics, Como, Italy, July1998, pp. 1-10. 

The model equations are also given in Yeshwant Subramanian, P. O. Lauritzen, K.R. Green, "A compact model for an IC lateral diffused MOSFET using the lumped-charge methodology", Proc. of MSM'99, Modeling and Simulations of Microsystems, San Juan, Puert o Rico, USA, April 1999

Download Model Source Code Model 1
This model is described in the thesis and the above papers. 

Model 2
This is an improved model with fewer fitting parameters. However, documentation for it is not yet available.

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