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Our group is composed of people interested and enthusiastic about light, photons, optical devices and systems. We pursue new research discoveries in the broad fields of nanophotonics and biophotonics. Below are some of the research projects we have previously or are currently working on. For detailed descriptions about each project, please visit our publication page.

At our spare time, we enjoy turning our research into fun stuff. For example, the logo on the uppper-left corner is the red fluorescence of CdSe QDs patterned using a self-assembly fabrication process.

Nanophotonic devices with solution-processed materials

  • Perovskite optoelectronics
  • Ultrathin flexible optoelectronic devices on nanocellulose paper
  • Optical activation of neurons through quantum dots
  • Silicon quantum dots for lighting, display and biolabeling
  • Sub-diffraction limit quantum dot waveguide
  • Nanoscale quantum dot photodetector
  • Nanoscale quantum dot photodetecton enhanced by plasmonics
  • Nanostructure-enhanced laser tweezers

  • Enhanced optical manipulation by photonic crystals and plasmonic nanostructures for micro/nano particles, living cells and DNAs
  • Stem cell patterning and interaction force study using photonic crystal optical tweezers
  • Cell viability characterization under photonic crystal optical trapping
  • Particle/cell alignment and rotation by photonic crystal optical tweezers
  • Patterned optical trapping by photonic crystal optical tweezers
  • Localized surface plasmon assisted microfluidic mixing
  • Nanoparticle patterning and assembly by light-induced concentration and fusion
  • Micro-instrumentation by optical MEMS

  • Mass sensing and monitoring with high accuracy for living cells and micro/nano particles by MEMS resonators integrated with photonic crystal optical trapping
  • MEMS scanning mirror with focus tracking for bio-optical imaging
  • MEMS scanning mirror for optical imaging and switching
  • Some videos produced by our group members related to our research.

    Thin-film solar cell efficiency enhancemet by photonic crystal nanostructures

    Producers: Peifeng Jing and Ethan Keeler

    Tutorial on optical tweezers, preparation and trapping of stem cells

    Producers: Peifeng Jing, Yannan Liu, Chen Zou and Yue Shi