Böhringer Lab

microelectromechanical systems research

Current Projects

Self-Cleaning Surface
Di Sun

Development of micropatterned devices to clean surfaces with condensed droplets. And some more other things to try and figure out why my boxes are scattered

Automated DNA Test for Conservation
Hal Holmes

Integration of microfluidic technology and molecular biology to realize an automated, field-ready DNA test for species identification to combate illegal timber and wildlife trafficking.

MEMS-enabled Metasurface Alvarez Lens
Zheyi Han

Zheyi’s research project focuses on the integration of metasurface optical elements into a micro-scale MEMS-driven Alvarez structure to create a tunable focal length with fast switching controlled by a small applied voltage, to address the demand for compact optical systems with tunable lenses in a wide range of applications such as mobile, entertainment, robotics, aerospace and biomedical systems.

Timber DNA Amplification
Ana Gomez

Investigation and development of isothermal reaction chemistries and conditions to enable amplification of DNA from timber products.