So I've put together a simple script that will setup a cadence environment for
you on the vlsi research computer system. To use this you must log into either
attento or myosotis using ssh. Next you should run the following command from
the commandline and provide either a relative or absolute path to the folder you
wish to use as your cadence work folder.

./usr/nikola/groups/vlsi.dtrr/cadencesetup/setupcadence [desired folder name]

Note this folder can not already exist, hence you can't just specify ~/, you
must specify ~/work for instance or /homes/[username]/work. By default the
script installs your cadence files into ~/cadence if no folder is specified, and
I suspect this is what most of you will use by default anyway. Suggestions for
making it better are welcomed.

Also note that you must be running in the tcsh shell for cadence to work. I've
tried writing scripts to hide this, but I can't seem to get them to work with
xwin32 when the script is run as a background process. So basically at the
command prompt type : "tcsh" and hit return, then type icfb to start cadence.

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