Participants and Sponsors

Graduate Student
Alexander Mamishev Alanson Sample

Current Undergraduates
Dan Hemmons Luke Kearney

Past Undergraduates

2005-2006: Dan Yeager, Diana Cheng, Jesse Dannenbring, Fred Sayre

2004-2005: Ryan Wistort, Paul Stuart, Dinh Bowman, Michelle Raymond, Daniel Villa, Rejo Jose, Hans Isern, Jeff Chen, David Seater


Financial Support: NSF CAREER Award #0093716.

Partly supported by the Electrical Energy Industrial Consortium and Advanced Power Technologies (APT) Center at the University of Washington. The industrial members of the APT Center include AREVA, Bonneville Power Administration, CESI, LG Industrial Systems, Mitsubishi Electric, PJM, and RET.

The research of undergraduate students is sponsored by Mary Gates Foundation, Washington Space Grant, and NSF REU program.

Special thanks for technical assistance from University of Washington Power Plant employees, especially Mark Kirschenbaum.