Power Systems Test Case Archive

 A Note on Downloading

Most of the data is contained in ASCII text files (.txt). When you clink on a link to one of these files, the text will appear on your browser screen. Choose the File menu and then the Save As… option. Decide where you want to save the file and the file name you would like to use.

Please note that many of the file formats data back to card format days, so the columns the numbers are in are significant. For this reason, if you use a word processing program to view the file (like Microsoft Word), rather than Notebook, it is probably a good idea to stay with a fixed width font, like Courier.

When there are a number of files associated with one test case, they may be compressed into a .zip archive. When you click on a link to a .zip archive, you have the option of opening the file or saving it.

A few of the test cases have accompanying diagrams. These .gif files have been scanned in from paper diagrams. As with the text files, they can be saved from the File menu.

rdc 8/99