Power Systems Test Case Archive

30 Bus Dynamic Test Case

This test data was obtained from Professor Gerry Heydt at Purdue. (1999: Gerry is now at Arizona State.) In response to the obvious questions, Gerry says:

Q: Is this data representative of New England, or any other physical power system?

A: It is believed that these data and system were representative of an actual system in New England in the 1960's. However, the exact source is not known to me.

Q: Is it in some standard format?

A: The data are in obvious format if the system shown in the Rockwell RP-90 report is used. This report is now out of print, -- the exact ref is "On-Line Stability Analysis Study", North American Rockwell, EEI report RP-90, Oct 1970, Los Angeles.

If you figure out the data format, send me a copy and I'll archive it!

Rich Christie - February 1994