Basic TRIAC Model

Model Description This TRIAC model is a simple extension of the basic SCR/GTO and DIAC models designed to provide performance for general usage in circuit simulation. This model is intended to replace the common behavioral and two-transistor macromodels found in most circuit simulators. 

The model provides a charge-based reverse recovery during turn-off and continuous turn-on anode current characteristics. The model is free of the simulation artifacts produced by regenerative models making it suitable for complex circuits with many thyristor devices. 

This TRIAC model was developed in 2003 by Peter O. Lauritzen at the University of Washington and Henrik Kragh of Grundfos.      

Model Parameters: Typical model parameters are listed in the source code.
Performance Level: BASIC
Quality Classification: 2B
Documentation The TRIAC model is based on the SCR-GRO model described in the paper by K.Y. Wong, P.O. Lauritzen, S.S. Venkata, A. Sundaram, R. Adapa, "An SCR-GTO Model Designed for a Basic Level of Model Performance", Proc. of IEEE IAS Annual Meeting, San Diego,CA 1996
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