Basic SCR/GTO Model

Model Description This SCR/GTO model was specifically designed to provide basic performance for general usage in circuit simulation. This model is intended to replace the common behavioral and two-transistor macromodels found in most circuit simulators. 

The model is suitable for both SCR and GTO devices. It provides a charge-based reverse recovery during SCR turn-off and continuous turn-off and turn-on anode current characteristics. For the GTO, the Hr reverse turn-off gain must be specified. The model is free of the simulation artifacts produced by regenerative models making it suitable for complex circuits where many SCR or GTO models are switching together.

This model was enhanced in 2004 with the additon of junction capacitances, dv/dt triggering, forward breakover and reverse breakdown.

Model Parameters and Default Values

Default parameters are typical of a 2N6397 device.

vrm = 400, 
vgt = 0.7, 
i_gt = 5m, 
i_hold = 6m, 
rg = 25, 
ron = 0.1, 
roff = 10meg, 
init_cond = 0, 
tgt = 1u, 
tau1 = 20u, 
tau2 = 20u, 
Hr = 0 
tau_dk = 20u, 
Is = 1e-12, 
no = 2, 
TM = 5u 
Breakover V. ( vbo = vrm ) 
Gate trigger voltage 
Positive gate trigger current 
Holding current 
Gate resistance 
On-state resistance 
Off-state resistance 
IC for initial state on or off 
Turn-on time of SCR 
Time constant for iA rising 
Time constant for iA falling 
GTO turn-off gain (SCR=0) 
Carrier lifetime in SCR diode 
Diode saturation current 
Emission coefficient (Diode) 
Turn-off transit time (Diode)
Performance Level: BASIC
Quality Classification: 2B
This model has been extensively used. 
Parameter extraction is available.
Support for Model Development EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) 1994-1995, NSF-CDADIC 1995, Danfoss Professor Programme 1999
Documentation This model is described in the paper by K.Y. Wong, P.O. Lauritzen, S.S. Venkata, A. Sundaram, R. Adapa, "An SCR-GTO Model Designed for a Basic Level of Model Performance", Proc. of IEEE IAS Annual Meeting, San Diego,CA 1996. 

The model is also described in the University of Washington MSEE thesis by K.Y. Wong, "A Basic SCR-GTO Model with Application to Solid-State Breaker", June 1996.

 Download Model Source Code This model has been extensively revised and improved as part of the Danfoss Professor Programme at Aalborg University in Denmark. 

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