Punch-Through IGBT Model

Model Description This Punch-Through IGBT model was developed with the purpose of creating a Basic level IGBT model with simple, electrical measurement-based parameter extraction. The model combines an empirical MOSFET with a lumped-charge based BJT model and provides provide good turn-off and turn-on transient wafeforms.  This model fills a critical need for a Basic level IGBT model.

Development of this model was begun during  1999 by P. O. Lauritzen while a Danfoss Visiting Profess at Aalborg University in Denmark

An earlier version of this model was developed by Subramanian Rajagopalan and K.N. Bhat of IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), Madras, India and P. O. Lauritzen who in 1997 was a Fulbright Senior Lecturer at IIT, Madras. This model was developed as part of a May 1998 Bachelor of Technology Thesis project in the EE Dept. at IIT, Madras.

Model Parameters The 17 model parameters are given in the paper below as well as in the model source code.
Performance Level: BASIC
Quality Classification: 2B
This model has been used successfully by several people .Parameter extraction is available.
Original Support for Model Development Danfoss Professor Programme at Aalborg University in Denmark.
Documentation This model is described in the  paper by  P. O. Lauritzen, G. K Andersen, M. Helsper, A Basic IGBT Model with Easy Parameter Extraction, IEEE Power Electronics Sprcialists Conf., Vancouver, BC, Canada, June 2001.
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Verilog-A HDL Model

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