Avalanche and Tunneling Breakdown Model

Model Description This is a physically-based compact model for p-n junction breakdown, including both avalanche and tunneling phenomena. Separate ionization coefficients for holes and electrons are included to provide slightly different breakdown characteristics for P+N and N+P junctions. Temperature coefficients as well as avalanche and tunneling noise are planned to be added to the model. 

This model was developed by R.S. Harsha and K.N. Bhat of IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), Madras, India and P. O. Lauritzen who was then a Fulbright Senior Lecturer at IIT, Madras. This model was developed as part of a May 1998 Bachelor of Technology Thesis project in the EE Dept. at IIT, Madras, India. 

Model Parameters and Default Values  Parameters will be inserted after model is revised.  
Performance Level:  ACCURATE
Quality Classification:  1B
Only limited testing has been performed. 
Parameter extraction is available.
Original Support for Model Development Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India 1997-1998; US Fulbright Scholar Program
Documentation This model is described in the Bachelor of Technology Thesis of Harsha, R.S. at IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), Madras, India, "A physically based model for PN junction diodes modeled on the Saber simulator", May 1998.
Download Model Source Code Some additional reworking of the model source code is needed.. 

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