Basic Diode with Reverse Recovery

Model Description This model is a simple, basic diode model based on the standard SPICE diode with the addition of reverse recovery. During reverse recovery, the diode current exponentially decays to the reverse saturation current, independent of the diode reverse voltage.

Upon request, a SPICE subsircuit is available for this Basic Diode Model.
Model Parameters Model parameters are the same as those of the standard SPICE diode model with the addition of the carrier lifetime parameter "Tau". The standard SPICE diode includes only the diffusion transit time parameter "TT". Both "TT" and "Tau" are required to characterize  reverse recovery. 

Data sheets frequently give measurements of Qrr  and trr. Approximate conversions to TT and Tau are:
Qrr = Tau * IF where IF is the forward current, and
1/trr = 1/Tau + 1/TT

Performance Level:  BASIC
Quality Classification:  3B
This model has been extensively used.
Parameter extraction is available.
Original Support for Model Development CDADIC, 1990
Documentation P.O. Lauritzen and C.L. Ma, "A simple diode model with reverse recovery", IEEE Trans. Power Electronics, vol. 6, pp 188-191, April 1991.
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