Basic DIAC Model

Model Description This DIAC model was specifically designed to provide basic performance for general usage in circuit simulation. This model is intended to replace the common behavioral and two-transistor macromodels found in most circuit simulators. 

This is a behavioral model intended to provide basic DIAC characteristics and be sufficiently simple to provide very fast simulation times. The model is free of the simulation artifacts produced by regenerative models making it suitable for complex circuits with many switching devices. 

Model Parameters and Default Values


vs = 32, 
delta_v = 5,
r1 = 10meg, 
r2 = 5 
Switching voltage
Switching voltage change
"off" resistance
"on" resistance
Performance Level: BASIC
Quality Classification: 2B
This model has been extensively used.
Parameter extraction is available.
Original Support for Model Development University of Washington Engineering Honors Program 1994
Documentation This model is described in the University of Washington Engineering 498H report by Kim Y. Wong, "Power Electronics Device Modeling of a Diac" August 1994.
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