WiSe 2006: Accepted Papers

Full Papers

Securing Wireless Systems via Lower Layer Enforcements
Zang Li, Wenyuan Xu, Rob Miller and Wade Trappe
Integrity Regions: Authentication Through Presence in Wireless Networks

Srdjan Capkun and Mario Cagalj

Traffic Analysis-based Unlinkability Measure for IEEE 802.11b-based Communication Systems
Dijiang Huang
Location Privacy in Wireless Personal Area Networks
Dave Singelee
Modeling Ad-hoc Rushing Attack in a Negligibility-based Security Framework
Jiejun Kong, Xiaoyan Hong and Mario Gerla
Location dependent key management using random key-predistribution in sensor networks
Farooq Anjum
Using Uncertainty in Reputation Methods to Enforce Cooperation in Ad-Hoc Networks
Kevin Kane and James C. Browne
Impact of Paging Channel Overloads or Attacks on a Cellular Network
Jeremy Serror, Hui Zang and Jean Bolot
SCUBA: Secure Code Update By Attestation in Sensor Networks
Arvind Seshadri, Mark Luk and Adrian Perrig
Detecting Identity-Based Attacks in Wireless Networks Using Signalprints
Daniel Faria and David Cheriton
Proactive Security For Mobile Messaging Networks
Abhijit Bose and Kang G. Shin