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Current Projects

Fluidic Self-assembly of Microparts from Liquid Interface


Team Members

Xugang Xiong, Ji Hoo, Shaghayegh Abbasi, Kwang Soon Park, Karl F. Böhringer



I am working on fluidic self-assembly of microdevices. The proposed work involves unique micropart face orientation at two liquid interface, distributing/separating parts in well controlled 2D arrangements utilizing waves or other agitation mechanisms, and assemble them onto templates with patterned wettability.

picture of microparts floating on water-PFD interface

Figure 1: Microchips with distinctive hydrophilic/hydrophobic properties are distributed at PFD/water interface with uniform face orientation by vibration agitation.

picture of dip-in

Figure 2: Floating microchips are assembled to patterned substrate from PFD/water interface.