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Information for Prospective Students

Prospective students interested in joining my research group please read this information carefully:

I receive hundreds, if not thousands, of emails per year from students interested in an education and career in MEMS and nanotechnology. I cannot respond to all these messages and need to select applicants efficiently. Therefore I request that you follow the instructions given below.

If you are already at the University of Washington, please see me during my office hours. Otherwise, please use the following format for your email. Messages not complying with this format will not be answered.

From: (Prospective Student)
To: Karl Bohringer (karl(at)
Subject: (First Name) (Last Name) interested in (X)

where (X) can be one of the following:

The body of the message must include the following items:

Please read my home page, and the web pages of the UW MEMS Laboratory, the UW Department of Electrical Engineering, and the University of Washington carefully. Messages indicating that you have not read these pages will not be answered.

General questions about graduate and undergraduate admission should be directed to the Electrical Engineering admissions office.

New graduate students are only accepted in Autumn quarter. Please check the application deadline, which is usually in late Autumn or early Winter. It is not useful if you send your application long before or after the deadline.

Non-native English speakers need to document sufficient proficiency in English to be eligible for our program. To be eligible for finanical support via a teaching assistantship, you need to take the Test of Spoken English (TSE) and receive at least a score of 55. Therefore, I highly recommend that you sign up for the TSE well in advance of submitting your application. Click this link for detailed regulations.

Finally, I am looking forward to receiving your excellent applications!