Böhringer Lab

microelectromechanical systems research

Welcome to Our Lab

Our lab specializes in the development of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices. MEMS devices are structures that are micro- or nanofabricated much like integrated circuits (computer chips) However, MEMS devices are designed to move and perform specific functions. Specific examples of MEMS projects from our lab include walking micro-robots, implantable intra-ocular pressure sensors, and microfluidic devices.

Lab Equipment

High-Speed Camera - Photon UX50

The Photron UX50 in our lab is capable of capturing video at 2000fps with full resolution. It is equipped with a telescoping lens, halogen sourced fiberoptic backlight and ringlights, for cross-section and top-down video recordings, respectively.


PFV Software

Goniometer - First Ten Angstroms

The goniometer is capable of performing contact angle measurements with sessile drops. Measurements are automated with First Ten Angstroms software.

Micromanipulator Probe Station

Micromanipulator with A-Zoom2 microscope for performing analyses on microsystems

Potentiostat - Princeton Applied Research

Poteniostat/Galvanostat Model 263A for performing electrochemical analyses